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One Body Personal Training is here to help you say adios to unwanted love handles who’ve outstayed their welcome!

First, our certified fitness trainers in Melbourne will get to know you, extensively evaluating your current fitness levels, preferences, health, and most importantly, your end goal. This info is then used to put together a personalised exercise program,  helping you to gradually ease into a workout routine that’s perfect for you, specially if you’ve just started training.

The beauty of One Body Personal Training services is our tailored approach to everything – from the type of exercises to the number of repetitions and sets – to fit your individual needs.

We offer a range of personal training programs to help blast through your physical fitness training targets, which include:

    • Tailored personal training programs
    • Group sessions and group classes
    • One on one training
    • Functional exercise plans
    • High intensity training
    • Weight Training
Nutrition & Diet

Experts say you can’t out-train a lousy diet, and there’s a lot of truth to that. But while healthy eating is an integral part of any fitness journey, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Furthermore, you’re likely to plateau or regress without a nutritional plan tailored to your health goals, whether you are looking to lose weight or do strength training.

That’s where our team of expert nutritionists make all the difference. We’ll work with you to create a meal plan with nutritionally approved meals that complement your personal training program.

It’s healthy, delicious, and most importantly, sustainable – no rice and broccoli five days a week! One Body’s Personal Training nutrition and diet services include:

    • General nutritional advice – energy turnover, calorie requirements etc
    • Healthy meal plans with your macronutrient targets in mind
    • In-depth consultations
Rehabilitation Personal Trainer

Every client who walks through our doors presents their own individual challenge, and that’s why we have many personal trainers certified in various areas.

If you’re suffering from an injury or just general body pain, our rehabilitation personal trainers in Melbourne can swiftly get you grooving pain-free again!

Our rehabilitation personal training team will identify any underlying issues to devise a strategic rehabilitation and preventative plan.

You’ll find yourself constantly challenged whilst we act as your constant support through your recovery.

One Body’s Personal Training rehabilitation services include:

    • Initial assessment and diagnosis
    • Treatment planning
    • Exercise program
    • Strength training
    • Weight training
    • Mobility and stretching
    • Remedial massage
    • Dry needling

A Bit About Our Melbourne Personal Trainers

Professional Personal Training in Melbourne

At One Body Personal Training Melbourne, we’re all about you. This starts with incorporating exercises you enjoy in your pt sessions to structuring your meals with foods you love. Our Melbourne personal trainers will craft a unique personal training fitness experience just for you – no short-term solutions copied online and no mirror-muscle programs that don’t reflect reality.

Furthermore, our personal trainers in Melbourne are some of the most qualified in the fitness industry. We don’t throw any old Joe Bloggs who’ve done a weekend course personal training into the mix – our certified personal trainers have extensive knowledge and experience in various areas ranging from strength training, weight loss, rehab, and more, whatever your fitness goals may be. And, just as importantly, they all practice what they preach!

Get in touch with us today, tell us your health goals and let’s start your fitness journey.

Meet the pernal trainers who Will Get You Fit and Lean!

Our coaching team works collectively on all our nutrition coaching programmes, which means you'll have multiple licensed professionals to support you.

State-of-the-art Personal Training Studio in Melbourne

One Body Personal Training offers clients a highly exclusive personal training studio in Melbourne, Australia. As such, our personal gym trainers can only take on a limited number of clients at any time, typically consisting of private small group training or one on one personal training. This allows your personal trainer focus on quality over quantity, really digging deep to understand your personal targets, limitations, training preferences, schedule, and much more.

Once inside, you’ll have access to top-of-the-line equipment and resources, as well as the full attention of our highly trained personal trainers in Melbourne. Once inside, our clients will have access to:

  • Dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and more
  • Strength and functional training equipment
  • An InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer
  • Cryolipolysis machine

So whether you require a personal trainer Melbourne for weight loss who can operate our state-of-the-art machines or a rehabilitation personal trainer to enhance your mobility, we have the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to book a free consultation.

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Personal Trainer Melbourne Training Sessions - How We Work

As certified personal trainers in Melbourne who have helped top-level athletes reach their fitness goals, as well as those just starting their fitness journey, it’s essential to have realistic goals and understand what your body is capable of. We give our clients 12 weeks of pt sessions to make significant changes, as any less time is usually not enough to see noticeable results. During this time, our trainers will:

  • Conduct an initial consultation
  • Design your personalised training program
  • Deliver your custom fitness experience
  • Monitor and assess your progress throughout all your training sessions

Our client’s goals vary; some are looking to lift weights for muscle building, some want to lose weight, and some just want to add exercise into their everyday life, which can help to improve their fitness level and mental health.

We know client experiences can vary significantly, both in terms of your health goals and your starting point. As such, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to personal training – every experience is different, and that’s how we like it!


Whether you're hiring a personal trainer for weight loss, strength and conditioning, comp prep and more. Check out what our customers have to say.

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