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World-class Online Personal Training in Melbourne to Service Your Needs

Online personal training has become a staple in the fitness industry for a reason, it works! Not everyone has the luxury of working with an in-person trainer, so online coaching has stepped in to fill the gap.

Without ever having to meet us, we’ll be your personal trainer, workout partner, and the fire under your butt to stay on track to success. And just because we’ll communicate virtually, doesn’t mean we’ll be any less dedicated – our online trainers are just as involved, supportive and results-driven as our in-person ones.

Still not convinced online training in Melbourne can whip you into shape? Let’s explore the benefits of working with an online personal trainer.

The Benefits of Online Coaching to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Sometimes, all you need is a little structure and support to get yourself through those tough workouts. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch or trying to excel your limits, having somebody in your corner can help immensely.

Here are some of the main benefits of our personal training model:

  • You’ll get a tailored workout plan that fits your needs, schedule and goals.
  • Ask your questions and get real-time support and advice from a certified professional
  • Close monitoring of your progress by checking in with you regularly
  • Help to stay accountable – we’ll make sure you’re doing your part!
  • The same results – your dedication + our expertise = success!

Who Our Online Personal Training Service in Melbourne Suits the Most

If you’re thinking that our online coaches only work with a specific type of client, think again! We have worked with people from all walks of life – stay-at-home-moms, men with dad-bods, desk-jockeys, elite athletes and more.

However, if you do happen to fit into one of these categories, we think you’ll find our online personal training services to be a perfect match:

Busy professionals with very little free time

The demands of work often take precedence over everything else, including our health and fitness. If time is a luxury you can’t afford, our online personal trainer in Melbourne can help you make the most of the time you do have.

You’re a stay-at-home-mom with young kids

Our online personal trainers in Melbourne know all too well that handling kids, a household and everything else is a workout regime in itself. However, we can help you find the time and energy to focus on your own fitness too.

You live in a remote location or simply want a more private service

If you don’t live near a gym or prefer a private approach to training, our Melbourne online personal training services will get you the results you want. We’ll provide a comprehensive training plan – no matter where you are in the world.


Personal online coaching can benefit all athletes, from college students to semi-pros to looking to bridge the gap between their current level and going pro. You’ll feel better, perform better, feel healthy and train injury-free.

Why Work with Our Personal Fitness Coach for Your Nutrition and Training Needs

Our online coaches in Melbourne take a holistic approach to your fitness, health and wellbeing. We don’t believe in fad diets or quick fixes – only in sustainable habits that will propel you forward to crush your goals.

We get to know you as a person, not just a client. We’ll consider your age, motivations, tolerance levels, preferences, caloric needs, current training set up and more. This gives us the ability to create a bespoke workout and nutrition plan that will transform your body and your life.

Meet the pernal trainers who Will Get You Fit and Lean!

Our coaching team works collectively on all our nutrition coaching programmes, which means you'll have multiple licensed professionals to support you.

How we Work - More than just a Gym

One Body Personal Training refuses to hand out cookie-cutter programs for our clients to try for a week. Real results that are consistent derive from intelligent programming, which is what we are all about. 

The first step of our personal training package is to book in for a consultation with one of our expert coaches. We’ll Skype, Zoom or meet in person (for those local to us) and get to know you.

From there, we’ll put together a comprehensive plan that meets your unique needs as an individual. No two people are the same – so why should their workout plans be? Our personal training online systems are flexible enough to allow for life’s curveballs, whether that be a hectic work schedule or an injury.

In addition to creating a fitness program, we can also watch your training form via video call to give you real-time feedback. We’ll then monitor your progress and make changes as you go along.


Whether you're hiring a personal trainer for weight loss, strength and conditioning, comp prep and more. Check out what our customers have to say.

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