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Measure your Lean Muscle Mass and Fat Mass with Our Inbody 570 in Melbourne

You’ve made some serious strength gains in the past three months. Your muscles are rounder, and the scale has gone up. But you’re not quite sure how much of that weight is muscle and how much is fat.

To measure your body composition and progress accurately and efficiently, we use the InBody 570, located in Melbourne. This machine gives us a complete analysis of your lean muscle mass, fat mass, and water weight, making it far superior to regular weight scales.

It only takes a few minutes to do the scan, and it’s completely painless. Right after, we’ll go over the results and help you understand what they mean for your fitness journey.

What’s included in an Inbody scan for our Melbourne clients?

Body Fat Mass in kgs
Muscle Mass
Soft Lean Mass
Body Water Mass
Segmental muscle mass
Resting Metabolic Rate
Visceral Fat
Bone mineral content
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Through regular monitoring and our excellent coach’s advice, your results can help fine-tune your diet and overall programme.

Discuss Your Findings with Our Certified Personal Trainers

A paper stacked with numbers, graphs and percentages can be confusing, but don’t worry, that’s where we come in. After the inbody 570 scan in Melbourne is completed, you’ll have a sit down with our trainers to discuss everything in detail. We’ll go through what the numbers mean, your progress (or lack thereof) via a graph and how we can improve things.

For example, we’ll have information on your segmental muscle growth. This allows us to see which muscles have grown the most, helping us recommend action to target any lagging body parts. This is vital information if you’re using the inbody 570 as part of our broader personal training plan.

If you want to make fundamental, sustainable changes to your body, then book an Inbody 570 scan today.

The Benefits of an Inbody 570 - Book Your Melbourne Scan Today!

A body scan doesn’t increase the number of reps you can do in the gym. But it will give you an indication of what’s happening inside your body. This is vital for long-term success. Because if you’re not improving, you can re-evaluate and change your approach before it’s too late.

Let’s go through the primary advantages of booking a scan here in Melbourne:

The machine doesn’t lie – It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose sight of your progress. But seeing the numbers in front of you removes the emotion.

You can see what’s working (and what’s not) – If you’re working relentlessly to lose fat, but your bulges remain firmly in place, a scan can confirm that you need to change things up. 

It keeps you motivated – it’s easy to get disheartened when dieting or training hard. But seeing the numbers going in the right direction is a great way to stay on track.

Identify warning signs early – if you’re holding too much visceral fat, it should be your cue to make some drastic changes. It also provides an ECW Ratio to assess the risk of Hypertension. 

Time-efficient: An inbody scan literally takes less than a minute. So you can get on with your day without any significant disruption.

Analyses all areas of your body – The Inbody 570 does a complete segmental analysis of your arms, legs and trunk. This is important to target imbalances and ensure you’re training all areas evenly.

Who needs an Inbody 570 Body Scan?

The Inbody 570 is so accurate and reliable that it is used by hospitals, research institutes, top universities and professional sports teams worldwide. However, it’s not just for elite athletes or hospital patients – it’s for everyone!

If you want to improve your body composition, an Inbody 570 is perfect. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, young or old. The test is suitable for anyone who wants to make life-changing health improvements.

Our Inbody 570 in Melbourne is also frequently used by:

Athletes of all levels

Athletes rely on their physical performance to excel in their chosen sport. To fine-tune to their diets and training workouts, many use regular Inbody 570s to monitor their weight, skeletal muscle and fat mass.


To do well in bodybuilding, you should be continually increasing muscle mass whilst reducing or maintaining your body fat. An Inbody 570 shows your fat and skeletal muscle mass levels to help you make adjustments during comp prep. High skeletal muscle mass requires more calories to maintain, so it’s always good to know where you’re at. 

Medical patients

Inbody 570s are used in hospitals to help surgical patients recover quickly and efficiently. The machine is also used to assess patients before surgery and help doctors make informed decisions.

Fitness models

A fit physique is key to a fitness model’s career. By having regular Inbody 570s, they can track their progress and make sure they look their best for photoshoots.

Health enthusiasts

For those passionate about being healthy all year round, a body scan gives a great indication of what’s going on inside your body. For example, if your water levels are low, it might be time to up your water intake.

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