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There’s training to lose weight and then training to get shredded. If you want to achieve a level of leanness that will make heads turn, you need a bodybuilding coach. At One Body Personal Fitness, we intend to take your physique to new heights with our professional Melbourne prep coaching services.

With your contest date firmly in mind, we’ll devise a workout and nutrition plan to help you achieve maximum results. By the end, you’ll have paper-thin skin, vascularity for days, and striated muscles that will make you look like you stepped out of a fitness magazine. We can even help you with your posing to show off your hard work on stage.

The Benefits of Working with Our Prep Coach

Like anything in life, the key to success is meticulous preparation. And when it comes to getting your body ready for a show, there’s no room for error. This is where working with our prep coach in Melbourne can help.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with one:

You’ll have an expert in your corner – our bodybuilding coaches in Melbourne have years of experience and can properly adjust your caloric intake, macros and training workload to ensure you’re in peak condition on the day. 

Strong support system – Competition prep is gruelling whether you compete in bikini fitness physique or open bodybuilding. With a trainer in your corner, you’ll always have someone during your most challenging days.

Honest physique evaluations – Our Melbourne bodybuilding trainers will objectively assess your physique and give you an honest opinion of what needs to be done. 

Improved self-confidence – Nothing is more satisfying than stepping on stage and knowing that you’ve left nothing in the tank. When you have the right coach, there will be no doubts on whether or not you’ll be ready.

Who Needs a Coach?

While many prep coaches help bodybuilders or physique competitors, we also help athletes trying to hit a specific weight for their sport. If you lie within the following categories, working with a coach may be right for you:

Bodybuilders or physique competitors

To win any competition, you need to be ripped, period. This is where our bodybuilding coaches can properly dial you in. We’ll help you achieve the shredded, 3-D look that will help you take home the trophy.

Athletes who need to make weight

Whether you’re a wrestler, boxer or MMA fighter, there’s always going to be a weight class you need to make. Our prep coaches will help you hit your target weight without sacrificing any muscle mass.

Gym goers who want to take their physique to the next level

Not everyone has ambitions of being on stage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a head-turning body. If you’re looking to take your gains to the next level, our coaches can help.

Women’s physique competitors

Whether you’re a physique, fitness or women bikini fitness competitor, the best look will win that day. Our women’s prep coaches have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve a look the judges will love.

Hypertrophy Training Programmes to Build Muscle

The key to success with any hypertrophic training programme is consistency and intensity. You need to be lifting heavy weights and pushing yourself to see real results. 

Our bodybuilding coaches will devise a personalised training programme based on your specific goals. This could involve a split routine, focusing different muscle groups on different days, or a full-body routine, which works all of your muscles in each session.

Everything from the number of sets and reps you do, to the amount of rest you take between sets, will be carefully planned out to help you maximise your results.


Why Work with Our Bodybuilding Coaches in Melbourne

There are a million self-proclaimed “gurus” out there who say they can get you the physique you envision. But the truth is, only a small percentage of them are qualified to do so.

At One Body Personal Training, we only work with certified coaches with proven track records. Our trainers are accredited by top fitness bodies, meaning they use evidence-based methods which work. They’re also highly experienced, and continue to regularly prepare athletes for shows and competitions.

Lastly, our Melbourne prep coaches have actually been in your shoes. They know what it’s like to stand on stage and be judged on their physique. This means they know the nuisances that come with contest prep, such as water and salt intake, foods to eat and other peak week protocols.

If you’re serious about transforming your physique, our comp prep coaching will do just that! Destroy your PBs, work with our bodybuilding coaches and get the results you’re after.

Meet the pernal trainers who Will Get You Fit and Lean!

Our coaching team works collectively on all our nutrition coaching programmes, which means you'll have multiple licensed professionals to support you.

How we Work

One Body Personal Training customises comp prep programs specifically tailored to your unique goals and physiology. If you typically look stringy or flat on stage, our personal trainer in Melbourne will create a plan that prioritises muscle gains to make them pop. Alternatively, if you have enough muscle mass and need to fine-tune your conditioning, we’ll adjust your macros and cardio accordingly.

Whatever the circumstances, you can rest assured that your program is based on years of experience and proven results.

Book a consultation to get started

We recommend booking in for an initial consultation with one of our bodybuilding coaches in Melbourne to get started. This is where we’ll assess your current physique, discuss your goals and develop a plan for your competition preparation. While your transformation won’t be immediate, the difference between your start and end point will be night and day. 

If you’re not local to Melbourne, we also offer Skype consults for our interstate and international clients.


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