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One Body Personal Training provides a unique, results-driven personal training experience for Melbourne residents. We’re all about progression, not perfection and will work with you to overcome obstacles, set achievable goals and smash through plateaus.

When our clients set foot in our training studio, they’re not just another number. Our personal trainers in Melbourne will learn your strengths, weaknesses and generally what makes you tick. This gives us the insight we need to create a unique training program that will hit all short and long-term fitness targets.

The Benefits of a Personal Training - Smart Training Programs that Fit Your Goals

Personal training isn’t just about someone yelling at you to do another squat. The ideal personal trainer will design a program made specifically for you. This could be to increase muscle mass, improve cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, or a combination of all three.

Still on the fence about personal training? Here are a few more benefits that might sway you:

You’re held accountable: It’s easy to sidestep a workout when there’s no one else around. A personal trainer will ensure you stick to your program and attend each session.

They’ll teach you proper technique: Learning to perform exercises correctly reduces your risk of injury and helps to recruit the muscle fibres you’re targeting.

You achieve results faster: Smart personal training helps to avoid any roadblocks that may impede your progress i.e. injuring yourself or simply undertraining.

It’s fun: Let’s face it, working out alone can get stale fast. Our Melbourne personal trainer will keep you motivated and ensure you enjoy your time in the gym.


You learn about nutrition: Nutrition is the equaliser for fitness and can make or break your results. A personal trainer will educate you on what to eat (and what not to eat) to reach your goals.

Who Should Work with Our Personal Trainer in Melbourne?

There’s some misconception that personal training is only for athletes or people with a lot of disposable income. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Our Melbourne personal training group works with various clients, from those who have never stepped foot in a gym to those preparing for their first marathon.

Below are some examples of the types of clients we work with:

Busy professionals or stay-at-home parents with little free time

If your energy reserves are in short supply, our Melbourne personal training programmes can cut through the noise and deliver real results in a sustainable way. We’ll work around your schedule to make the most of your time.


Most elite athletes already have a dedicated team around them, and for a good reason. A fitness trainer can tweak an existing program or design a new one that helps you maximise your training.

People with injuries or chronic health conditions

Injuries are often caused by incorrect techniques or overuse. Our personal trainer in Melbourne can teach you proper workload and how to move correctly and modify exercises to avoid aggravation.


If you’re new to the gym, personal training can give you the confidence you need to start. We’ll teach you how to use all the equipment safely and effectively.

Regular Gym-Goers

After the beginner phase, many gym-goers see a halt to their progress. This is often due to poor training programming that lacks progression or a bad diet. Our personal training in Melbourne can help break this cycle and get you back on track.

Strength Athletes or Bodybuilders

Increasing your strength and muscle mass requires a well-designed program and consistent effort. A personal trainer can quickly identify any deficiencies in your training and help you to overcome them.

Why Work with our Melbourne Personal Trainers

Unfortunately, not all personal trainers are created equal. Some prefer just to throw a few weights around and provide cookie-cutter diets, while others will do everything to help you reach your goals. At One Body Personal Training, we’re definitely in the latter category.

Our Melbourne personal trainers are highly qualified and experienced. They also hold disciplines in various areas such as nutrition, sports massage and corrective exercise. You’ll get a well-rounded service that gets results.

Last but not least, we actually care about our clients. This is reflected in everything we do, from the first initial consultation to long after you’ve finished our programme. We live and breathe fitness so anything we recommend is based on our own personal experiences. 


Meet the pernal trainers who Will Get You Fit and Lean!

Our coaching team works collectively on all our nutrition coaching programmes, which means you'll have multiple licensed professionals to support you.

How we Work - What to Expect from A Personal Training Program

First things first, we’ll kick things off with a complimentary consultation. This gives our pt a chance to get to know you to develop a meaningful action plan. It also allows us to run some tests to determine your current fitness level and any imbalances you may have.

After the consultation, we’ll put together a training program tailored specifically for you. This will take into account everything we discussed as well as the results of the tests.

From there, we’ll get started on your personalised training regime. We’ll meet with you regularly in our personal training studio in Melbourne to keep you accountable and on track. As your fitness level increases, we’ll continue to progress the programme, so you continue to see great results.


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