As a business owner who's regularly spending 14-15 hours a day working, I am so fortunate that I have met Hua. As an Executive advisor servicing Private clients and High Net Worth families, my role is extremely stressful on top of leading a team of future leaders. I have always put myself at the bottom of the list, and realised that I have created bad habits through out my lifestyle. Today, I feel STRONGER and EMPOWERED from within. Additionally, I have learnt about how I should be using my muscles, as well as creating disciplined approach to my fitness. One Body is MORE than a just a gym for me, but rather it has become part of my LIFESTYLE. It is the ultimate exclusive club that I connect to the trainers and other clients. It really is one BIG FAMILY. I look forward to be part of this for many years with the One Body Team, and thank you for taking me on this fitness journey; It is the best thing happened since Covid.

Joanna Sun

Max 是一个非常负责任的教练,每次课程都会很认真的帮我指导,仅6周左右,我可以用的重量就从5kg提升到了55kg。此外,每天的三餐饮食也很认真的进行监督,会经常会问我吃了哪些东西,如果有一些他认为不健康的饮食也会很细心的分析为什么。让我可以从健身的同时也学习到很多可以帮助更好的改善生活质量的知识。Max也是一个帅气的暖男,每当坚持不下去的时候,也非常有耐心给我很多的鼓励。

Christine Cheng

The best thing about One Body Personal Training is the environment and people. Being a boutique studio; its quieter, & has just the right amount of space for me to do my workout without being squashed between people like in a big chain gym. Training with my PT has helped me start living a much healthier lifestyle. It's become a part of my everyday routine. I really enjoy training at One Body!

David Tian

I was cautious and worried when I first joined OneBody as I had experienced shoulder pain for many years. It made me afraid to exercise altogether and the pain constantly affected my sleep. No approach had worked, until I met my coach Tiffany. She helped me enhance my daily routines and habits. She was so patient and really understood my pain points. Within just a few weeks of following a customised nutrition and training program, my shoulder pain has magically gone! With her support, I’m feeling great and have started a new well-being lifestyle journey. I enjoy training at OneBody as it’s a private space with a good vibe. It always boosts my mood and keeps me healthier.

Ceclia Zhu

One Body Personal Training has definitely helped me a lot in terms of both my physical and mental health. All the trainers are super friendly and professional. I was able to successfully work towards my fitness goals at a perfect pace with my PT. While gaining visible results, I also learnt a lot about how my body works in the process. For this exact reason I would recommend this to anyone who has a fitness goal, needs a guidance for structured training and achieving it the right way.

Elena Liang


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