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It takes patience and commitment to achieve our fitness goals. Many people prefer to go solo and do it with the help of the internet. Meanwhile, some people hire personal trainers to have the proper guidance.

If you feel that you need guidance and support, we are here to help! One Body Personal Training assures that our programs will help you achieve your fitness goals. Our team are trained professionals that can guide you through difficult times.


One Body Personal Training understands how being healthy can take time. That is why we aim to guide you as you undergo a sustainable and gradual process. Also, we have qualified and competent gym trainers ready to help you. 


Once you commit to our program, we ensure you beneficial fitness results:


  • Guidance and Consultation with Expert Gym Trainers
  • Improve Body Formation and Skills
  • Regain Mobility and Strength
  • Learn Valuable Fitness Knowledge
  • Flexible Training Packages
  • Guaranteed and Sustainable Recovery
  • Reasonably-priced Package Fees


Improving health and fitness is not exclusive to the rich and famous. Anyone who wants to improve themselves is welcome to hire trainers. Besides, injuries can occur to anyone, so we also have rehab trainers to assist you. 

At One Body Personal Training, we accept clients from all walks of life. Here are some of the following:

Young Athletes

Young Athletes are usually the age of 7 to 20 years old. Because their bodies are still developing, they are more susceptible to injuries. We first assess their health before putting them in any programs. This way, we can straightforwardly attend to their needs.

Once recovered, they can enter our Strength and Conditioning Program. Here, we can help them improve their performance and technique for the long run.

Hobbyist/Enthusiast Athletes

Hobbyist/Enthusiast Athletes have more variety than young athletes. Since they have varying lifestyles, they take more advantage of our personalised programs. We guide them toward their goal and ensure that we follow a consistent time frame for their benefit.

People with Injuries or Chronic Health Conditions

One Body Personal Training aims to help our clients undergo a healthy recovery. For this to happen, we must first have the approval of their attending doctor to lower re-injury rates. Afterwards, our exercise physiologists can now create a suitable rehab program for them!

Elite Athletes

Our personal trainers works with elite athletes from Sydney FC and Sydney Thunder. We know that they have a stricter lifestyle and harder training sessions. Even so, our trainers still know how to handle their injuries and give their full effort.


Balwyn North is a small suburb in Melbourne, Australia. The area is known for its access to public transportation, schools and shopping centres. Meanwhile, locals also enjoy recreational spaces like Macleay Park, Greythorn Park, and the Boroondara Sports Complex. With their wide spaces, these areas are perfect spots to spend time with your family and friends.

Besides, in Balwyn North’s population, the senior citizens are only about 16.8%. So, many locals are still in their prime years and can join in dynamic activities.

Knowing this, One Body Personal Training sees the need for rehab and gym trainers in the area. Our rehab trainers in Balwyn North aim to be reachable in an athletic community. This way, they won’t have to travel far to receive our training programs.

Meet the pernal trainers who Will Get You Fit and Lean!

Our coaching team works collectively on all our nutrition coaching programmes, which means you'll have multiple licensed professionals to support you.

How we work?

At One Body Personal Training, we want to give our clients the best results. To do so, we are attentive to their journey to keep them motivated. Hence, we work with all our clients for at least 12 weeks to create a disciplined routine. Since we offer custom-made services, the package fees will also vary.


Whether you're hiring a personal trainer for weight loss, strength and conditioning, comp prep and more. Check out what our customers have to say.

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