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Getting into a healthy lifestyle requires effort and self-discipline. It can be difficult to find time in busy schedules, so many people don’t follow through with their exercise plans. Why give up on your fitness goals when you can consider an expert fitness trainer to help you in the process?

We at One Body Personal Training understand the struggle of setting a routine and building healthy habits. To guide you to a better you, we provide a personal trainer in Glen Waverley that can build an optimal routine and better motivate you.


One Body Personal Training is committed to building the best results with our clients, so we put into consideration your preferences and goals when building your exercise program. Our goal as personal trainers is to ensure sustainable training that benefits your health without overstraining your capabilities. Flexible training programs can be tailored to direct you to lose weight, build muscle, or improve mobility. One Body Personal Training can help you to:


  • Unlock your strengths
  • Build your confidence
  • End pain and muscle soreness
  • Customise your training programs
  • Maximise each dollar


Our programs can fit anyone that would like to strengthen their bodies. Here are the kinds of athletes that can fall work under our trainers:


Young Athletes

Our personal trainers can work with young athletes to improve your flexibility and strength, starting from age-appropriate beginner to advanced techniques.

Hobbyist/Enthusiast Athletes

Our personal gym trainers can teach you specific routines to safely enhance your exercises and implement them in your everyday regimen.

Elite Athletes

When it comes to rigorous training, our experienced private personal trainers can help you keep accountable and stay in shape.

At One Body Personal Training, we consider each client’s needs in order to customise each plan to meet your goals. We aim to educate, ensure you learn the correct form and techniques, and adjust your training programs according to your needs.


Glen Waverley is an eastern suburb in Melbourne, Victoria. It is littered with vibrant dining and entertainment areas, with strong Asian influences. Notable stops include the Strike Bowling Bar and Monash Public Library Services. There are also plenty of outdoor areas to enjoy, such as the Scotchmans Creek Trail, Bushy Park Wetlands, and Central Reserve which provide residents many opportunities to engage in exercise and sports. 

Since there are so many opportunities for outdoor activity, One Body Personal Training, our focus is on the improvement of our client’s physical needs, be it losing weight, boosting your confidence, or improving your fitness for sporting activities.  Our personal gym trainers take into consideration your current health and goals through our initial screening to ensure the program remains the best fit for you. 

Meet the pernal trainers who Will Get You Fit and Lean!

Our coaching team works collectively on all our nutrition coaching programmes, which means you'll have multiple licensed professionals to support you.

How we work?

The start of your program will include an assessment of your fitness level and the definition of your health goals. We formulate activities based on preferences and work with you one-on-one to determine what can make the best experience for your exercise journey.


Whether you're hiring a personal trainer for weight loss, strength and conditioning, comp prep and more. Check out what our customers have to say.

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