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Are you concerned about how to start your fitness journey?

Look no further than One Body Personal Training! We provide personal trainers in Malvern to help alleviate any issues you may have with exercise. Engaging in exercise can be difficult, but we can ease the process by providing professional help and encouragement.


One Body Personal Training is committed to producing the best results for our clients, so we put heavy consideration into your preferences and goals when building your workout program. These plans are aimed to improve mobility, lose weight, and even prevent future exercise injuries. Each program is managed by a personal trainer in Malvern, with one-on-one sessions meant to maximise output in minimal time. Our private trainers can help you to:


  • Unlock your physical strengths
  • Recover from injuries or surgeries
  • Reach your goals confidently
  • Form personalised training programs
  • Learn efficient techniques
  • Maximise each dollar


Our programs can fit anyone that would like to strengthen their bodies. Here are some people that can fall work under our fitness trainers:


Young Athletes

Our one-on-one personal trainers can work with young athletes to train them with novice to advanced techniques.

Hobbyist/Enthusiast Athletes

Our personal trainers can provide exercise enthusiasts with educational programs tailored for your enhancement of routine skills and knowledge.

Elite Athletes

Many of our gym trainers are familiar with regimens that can be targeted for each sport to build up strength and flexibility.

At One Body Personal Training, we consider each client’s needs in order to customise each plan to meet your goals. We aim to educate, ensure you learn the correct form and techniques, and adjust your training programs according to your needs. 


Malvern is an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria that’s known for its plentiful shops, prestigious schools, and lush parks. Popular stops include St John’s Anglican Church and St. Andrews Gardiner Cricket Club. The suburb also provides outdoor spaces such as Malvern Gardens and Central Park, which is perfect for joggers, hikers, and cyclists. 


Since there are so many opportunities for athletic activity, One Body Personal Training aims to provide sustainable exercise techniques that you can take even beyond your assigned program. Under the guidance of our fitness trainers, we can ensure that you avoid any sport-related injuries and learn the right approaches to working out. 

Meet the pernal trainers who Will Get You Fit and Lean!

Our coaching team works collectively on all our nutrition coaching programmes, which means you'll have multiple licensed professionals to support you.

How we work?

Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, so we take into consideration of your current health and goals through our initial screening. From there, we can assess your limitations and tailor your exercise regimen to improve on, but not over-push, these boundaries.


Whether you're hiring a personal trainer for weight loss, strength and conditioning, comp prep and more. Check out what our customers have to say.

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