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Being physically active has many pros for our health! But, overdoing it can cause serious injuries. This can also hinder us from doing our usual activities. So, to overcome this struggle, fitness trainers in Glen Iris are ready to help clients get back on track.


Having a personal trainer guiding you towards your fitness goals is always a good idea. This way, you have someone who understands your condition and whom you can consult to. Before putting you in any training program, our fitness trainers will assess your state. Our training programs are personalised and flexible. So, our priority is to know our clients’ strengths and limitations to make our services work.


With our services, we guarantee you the following benefits:


  • Sustainable Recovery 
  • Relieve Pain Caused by an Injury
  • Improve Strength and Flexibility
  • Help You Become Accountable
  • Flexible Training Programs with Lifestyle Assessments
  • Guidance and Consultation with Expert Trainers
  • Services are Reasonably Priced 



Hiring a personal trainer is not exclusive to VIPs. Anyone can hire one to help them become healthy and active. Same with injuries, anyone can also experience it. That is why rehab trainers assess the conditions of our clients to see how much help they need.

One Body Training in Glen Iris has coached and handled different types of people especially:

Young Athletes

Young Athletes are more susceptible to injuries because their bodies are still developing. Also, they are still at the earliest stage in their sport. With that, we offer flexible training programs depending on their fitness goals. So, we first gauge their capacity and put them in suitable plans. 

People with Injuries / Chronic Health Conditions

Having an injury is not an easy feat. But, before we take in clients for rehabilitation, their doctor’s approval is a must. Our mission is to help them recover and this is the first step on their path to recovery. 

Hobbyist/Enthusiast Athletes

Hobbyists and Enthusiast Athletes are those who do sports for leisure and relaxation. With that, sports is not the only thing that keeps them busy. So, we also consult about their schedule and lifestyle and build a plan that works for them. This way, we can work around their schedule and not interfere with their daily activities.

Elite Athletes

Elite Athletes perform more strenuous drills and routines. They compete at national and international levels so they do more skill enhancements. That is why elite athletes become restless and vulnerable to injuries.

Besides, our personal trainers work with athletes from Sydney FC and Sydney Thunder. So, we know how they perform and what it takes to condition them. With our knowledge, we can also help you!


Living in Glen Iris, Melbourne, Australia is beneficial if you commute! It offers excellent transportation links and is also close to the business district. Meanwhile, the suburb also offers large landscapes where locals can enjoy outdoor activities. To name some, we have Glen Iris Park and Hartwell Sports Ground. You can also find Bounce Park, an indoor trampoline park, and other sports facilities. 

Recreational activities are a big part of Glen Iris. So, it is not unusual for people in the area to hire personal trainers and join sports clubs. With this, One Body Personal Training finds its way to bring rehab training to Glen Iris! Injury can happen to anyone so having a rehab training service is a big deal for an active community.

Our rehab trainers in Glen Iris guide each client based on their assessment. We first identify your strengths, limitations, schedule and lifestyle. Then, we can customise a plan suited for you!

Glen Iris is a busy suburb where people have hectic work schedules. And our trainers understand that! No need to worry about inconsistent sessions as we will help you make it work. 

Meet the pernal trainers who Will Get You Fit and Lean!

Our coaching team works collectively on all our nutrition coaching programmes, which means you'll have multiple licensed professionals to support you.

How we work?

Our personal trainers in Glen Iris aim to help our clients reach their goals. Since our services are flexible, the packages offered vary depending on our clients. What is consistent with us is that we are ready to assist them when needed. Plus, appointments are easy to book!


Whether you're hiring a personal trainer for weight loss, strength and conditioning, comp prep and more. Check out what our customers have to say.

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